New update!

Started preparing for the Mass Effect Fanfic!




I've added a new and interactive series which follow the style of a choose your own adventure story. Control the flow of the story with this new series called,

Let There Be Blood!

Also the Let There Be Blood Campfire has been moved to the Campfire archive


Did some major remodeling for the website and some serious changes that could be life changing! Well, maybe not that dramatic but the site has some awesome new features! I will now present them to you in bullet point format!

- New Campfire on Homepage

- New series available for viewing! (It's the second season of KH & Friends)

- New Style! Now we have cold mountains!

- The Archives have been changed so that now you pick the series by the picture that represents it.

- All images (except the ones in Boneyard) now have the "Click the Image to go the next image" feature

- The hidden link now rewards you!

- We now have a chat room and a forum room! Set up your account for them both now!

- And a new Updation Nation image!


I must have been frozen in a cryogenic tube or something... What year is it? Oh right 2010.

Well.... Since it's a new year and all I finally will put the end of Kingdom Hearts and Friends series up and along with a great special called War?! It's a epic trilogy (In progress) about a group of soldiers and their war efforts and struggles. It's pretty damn awesome. Anyway, I gave this website a few new updates as well. Here it is in neatly bullet fashion.

-New comic: War?!

-New layout

-New image on homepage

-New section for random things I come with entitled: "Boneyard"
 Which will have material inside for your viewing pleasure

-Last three comics for KH & Friends

-New Updates Image (Obviously)

-A hidden link (JK?)


Check this out, I actually restarted making the sprite comics again and I have made KH XX and KH XXI and those two contribute to the epic* ending where Sora faces off with Riku. Go read it and devour it's awesomeness. By the way restarting making these comics after a long time might alter my path or style with the comics. Sorry...

*Biased opinion


First of all, website style change into a more nature style. New home page also. Well... I was really dumb that day and I did not put the links up for KH XIV through KH XVIII in the Kingdom Hearts and Friends series, but alas it is fixed. Go read them.


There is an update page so you can see if I have done anything that certain day. The update about the update page is a little redundant... Also on this day I have added comic strips KH XIV through XVIII in the Kingdom Hearts and Friends series. I was kinda saving them for some reason until this day.

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